Zero vulnerabilities? No way!

Offensive security for web applications, mobile applications, and network infrastructure. We monitor and prevent possible cyber attacks

Customized offensive security for your business

We provide penetration testing and security assessment services that allow companies to secure their online business. Our professionals have identified countless vulnerabilities in internationally renowned companies

Reduce the risks to your security

We focus on continuous monitoring and protection of your business data. Our goal is to provide our clients with customized solutions

Continuous monitoring of your business assets exposed on the external perimeter

Automated security assessment for Android and iOS applications

Targeted assessment of a mobile application to identify potential software vulnerabilities

Testing of a mobile application to identify potentially exploitable vulnerabilities

Assessment of a network infrastructure and monitoring of exposed services to identify potential vulnerabilities

Analysis of the source code of a software application (white-box assessment)

The digital security of your organization has never been more important!

NoZero can help you eliminate the cost of a breach proactively
Identify weaknesses
Improve corporate security
Save money by preventing losses
Increase reputation
Improve efficiency od business processes
What NoZero is?
The most reliable way to secure your business. NoZero is the service that allows you to proactively identify vulnerabilities within your business assets
Why NoZero?
Data security is an increasingly critical factor for companies, and there is a constant need for technical professionals who can adapt to this constantly evolving world


Our experts have internationally recognized experience and certifications


OSCP – Offensive Security

eMAPT – eLearn Security

OSWE – Offensive Security

Burp Suite Certified Pratictioner – Port Swigger