Why NoZero?

We are able to protect your company and data by performing appropriate security checks on your digital assets. Our team of professionals has experience in various technologies and conducts research activities on specific applications

Collaborations with international companies

Our team members have years of experience in software vulnerability research, some of which have been identified in some of the world's largest multinational companies

A targeted and structured process

We assess the level of risk that vulnerabilities pose to your company so that you can reduce the risk of cyber attacks and the loss of sensitive data. Furthermore, our service helps the company maintain compliance, avoiding penalties or fines in case of violation

Professional experience

Our team members have held positions in multinational companies where they analyzed and identified software vulnerabilities


We have received numerous awards for collaborations with internationally renowned clients. We have helped multiple companies proactively identify critical vulnerabilities in their assets


Our team is composed of experts dedicated to providing assistance to your company for the protection of your digital assets

Cyber threats

“The protection of sensitive information is not only beneficial to the individual customer but also to society as a whole”

Cybercrime nowadays affects any business that deals with digital systems or has an online presence. NoZero allows you to proactively protect your company by conducting software vulnerability research on your corporate assets.

Software security is an endless task, and our mission is to try to make the internet a safer place.